GMSPC Attends Special Event with Rana Chauhan, Chief Investment Strategist of IPC Portfolio Services

On Tuesday (28 May 2019) a few clients and members of the GMSPC team, attended a special event at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club featuring IPC Portfolio Services and hosted by Dean Trudeau of OPES IPC Securities Corporation. Rana’s engaging presentation focused on avoiding fear by focusing on the obvious when it comes to your investment portfolio.

Rana Chauhan

Rana’s is responsible for helping financial advisors understand how economic and market events impact their clients’ investments. He achieves this by using “data we have from the past and present with honesty about the unknowable future,” and by not relying “on the use of forecasts, relationships or emotions to guide decisions but to substitute facts, logic and reason.” Rana has travelled the globe in search of the truth concerning the global market – beyond what is said the media. His processes allow him to keep his finger on the market’s pulse and global economic developments.

Rana and IPC Portfolio Services team have a fantastic track record of buying into the right market at the right time – acquiring Facebook stock at IPO, Amazon stock at IPO, Disney stock at the Marvel acquisition, Netflix stock at IPO, and much more.

Rana and Dean concluded the presentation by reassuring their audience not to fear the current dip in the stock market.

Congratulations to IPC on a great event! Your team did exceptionally well, and I’m sure your clients saw the value in your service offering.

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